About Fleur de Lis Antiques

Fleur de Lis Antiques was first opened to the public in December of 2015 after owner Jim West purchased the majestic antebellum home in early November. As a long-time collector of antiques, West had previously owned several antique shops in Tupelo and New Albany, MS before discovering his Southern plantation-style home. West had always held a fascination for older homes and mused on the idea of transforming one into an antique shop years before acquiring Fleur de Lis Antiques. And with its rich history and beautiful structure, it's easy to see why.

The enchanting antebellum home resides in the heart of downtown Tupelo, MS on North Church Street. A large home, Fleur de Lis comes in at 4,500 square feet and has two main floors in addition to a full attic and basement. Rooms include a formal parlor, dinning room, a sunroom, breakfast nook, a kitchen, several bedrooms and bathrooms, and a library with a stunning bay window and built-in book case.

Upon entering, most viewers are left in awe of the sweeping stair-case and stately 12 foot ceilings. Not to mention, the original detail work of the home. The house itself is a rare antique to behold; one that can be admired in every room. It's a unique testimony of history that anyone can enjoy.

And within, a true lover of antiques can discover so many unique treasures. West collects rarities he finds during his travels and online. Some of these collectibles include fine antique furniture, china sets, jewelry, original artworks and more---just to name a few.

A Historic Home

The Fleur de Lis Antiques home was first built by Brittain Allen Rogers Sr. and his wife, Ruth Gayle, in the early 1900s. There, they would raise their five children J. Gayle, Ruth Allen, Rosa, Brittain Jr., and Grace Rowland. Although the home was blown away by a tornado in 1936, the house was restored on its original structure.

Following the deaths of her parents, Rosa Rogers Nelson, and her husband, Jack took ownership of the grand house in the early 1950s. Their daughter Rosa, would eventually sell the home to attorney David McLaurin in the 1990s. It was McLaurin who completely restored the home to the original luster and beauty that we see today. From years of neglect, the home by that time, was in poor shape.

In 2008 McLaurin sold his home to First Baptist Church who intended to demolish the house for parking space. Upon this discovery, the Tupelo Historic Preservation Commission declared the house a historic landmark. Several years later in 2015, the home came under the ownership of Jim West.